The Rosé Hour Podcast is released weekly (Wednesdays) on all podcasting platforms and is a series where guests discuss their careers, goals, and current events while sipping rosé. 

The Rosé Virtual Happy Hour is a weekly (Thursdays) virtual happy hour where we guests join virtually and viewers are able to engage, ask questions and learn more about different industries and how they can support.

Soulful Sunday is a weekly (Sundays) virtual show where we partner with Soul Reader, a tarot card reader who provides readings for guests as we listen to soulful music and sip rosé.  Additional guests drop by and provide the services in they render.

The Rosé Brunch is our take our brunch!  We love rosé and provide an opportunity to celebrate it with one of America’s favorite pastimes… BRUNCH!  Join us for one of our exclusive brunches.  Trust us you don’t want to miss this!

Rosé Hour Sampling is not your normal tasting.  We are here for you like your best friend trying to help you purchase a new pair of shoes! We want you to find the best rosé that fits your palette no matter how many rosés you have to drink!

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